by Sylvain Marrari


Au Coeur Des Emotions
by Sylvain Marrari

Patisserie Francaise - Local Miami

Born in the South of France, Chef Sylvain Marrari cultivated a deep love for cooking, combining his family’s Italian heritage and an increasing passion for food. Chef then followed in France the renowed and highly regarded path of vocational culinary studies. Sylvain graduated with respective diploma from CFA Rene Villeneuve in Digne, CFA of Avignon and Avignon Hotel School. He shortly after decided to shift his focus to all things desserts, a self imposed challenge to express his creativity.

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When creating desserts, I think about what I want to create. I think about the flavor that I want ti to have. At most I mix 3 or 4 flavors, as I like to have the strong taste of each individual flavor come out.


Once I’ve finished thinking about the dessert, I start taking notes on it, usually the shape, the decorations. The overall ideas stay in my head until it is time for it to be created, 

"Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate"

- Alan D. Wolfelt

Directly from Sylvain Marrari

I am passionate about my craft. I started working in the kitchen at 16 years old and I found myself there. I belong in the kitchen.

Working in the kitchen is stressful. Theres no hiding that. You always need to adapt yourself to a situation, challenge and push yourself to work in a nice atmosphere in a good company.

You’ll always find my kitchen organized and spotless. 

The best part of the job s that every day is different. Every day is a new challenge. 

Some of my favorite things to do is to make cakes, biscuits, chocolate decorating and glazing.


I am driven everyday to do better, to make an impact on the people that eat and enjoy what I make. 

When people see my desserts, and then taste them, they all have emotions which they share with their friends and family. 

I also want to be different from other pastry chefs. I have my own signature style.

I am always exploring new ways to make my recipes better, from changing the amount of sugar to adding less gelatin.

I am constantly pushing myself to do better.